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Our talented team at The Owl Cove is dedicated to helping you look and feel your best. Our combination of extensive experience and quality clean color and products will ensure you love your hair.

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Gwendolyn Jones


My life behind the chair started a long, long time ago. I somehow convinced my Mom to let me cut her hair at the age of thirteen. From that moment I’ve had a pair of scissors in my hand. I started my career in this industry when I was eighteen years old and love it just as much today as I did almost three decades ago! I’m so thankful that I found my craft at such an early age and I have continued learning and growing in this industry daily. Hairstylists are such a unique breed. We get to touch people’s heads all day while doing our art on them at the same time. Nothing is more satisfying then doing someone’s hair and making them look and feel fabulous! I truly believe that to do great work you need to love what you do and then you never work a day in your life.

As far as services: I enjoy doing everything except updos. Not a huge fan. The last updo I did was in the mid 90’s. As far as hair color goes I had thought about being just a colorist at one point in my career. I quickly realized I’d miss cutting too much. I’ve seen tons of hair coloring and cutting techniques come and go over the years. I still take every opportunity to learn hair, whether that’s with further education or just plain old watching others do hair. My new goal is to go to barbering school and get my barbers license so that my bald fades will be super tight.

When I’m not at the salon I’m usually enjoying my time spent outdoors with my family. I have a preteen son so we keep him busy traveling a lot, usually camping or ski vacations. We love anything on a mountain: skiing, hiking and biking. We also don’t mind hitting up the water whether it’s a lake, river or ocean. We love to paddle board! If I’m not doing outside activities I always have a project I’m working on. I love decorating, renovating, and landscaping. In my next life I’m going to be a contractor. Another thing I really enjoy doing is listening to old school rap & cooking up enough food for an army. I’ve been known to take a picture or two here or there; I love photography. We also have my 93 year old mother living with us so I’m never bored & always busy!

I would love to see you in my chair for a consultation. I still enjoy seeing new clients.

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Diana Fenstermacher (she/her)


I didn’t know when I took a job as a salon receptionist in 2001 just how much it would change my path. After falling in love with the vibe of a busy salon, I enrolled in cosmetology school. It seemed the perfect way to marry creativity and service while hanging out with cool people and listening to music all day. Over the years, I’ve built a wonderful clientele of funny, warm folks.

I love enhancing my clients’ natural texture and color and I love ‘lazy’ hair. My color specialty is creating soft natural tones and vivid reds. I love a big dramatic chop or shocking color makeover. I also love the challenge of helping a client go from colored hair back to natural. My absolute favorite thing to do is short hair, from buzzcuts to pixie cuts and undercuts. I’ve attended hair shows and classes in New York and Las Vegas, including a two day Vidal Sassoon cutting class and a two day Organic Colorist Certification in Long Island. I’ve traveled out of the Valley many times to help wedding parties prepare for their big day. I especially love feeling connected to my clients – gaining trust, sharing milestones with them and learning about their lives and growing together. Making someone feel good about themselves is a magical gift.

When I’m not at the shop, I’m somewhere with my husband and our pug. I love board games, live music, movies, haunted attractions, tourist traps and guessing someone’s zodiac sign.

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Sara Gardiner


My name is Sara and I’m a Bethlehem local.  When I’m not at the shop my fiancé and I are usually trying to go on outdoor adventures.  We love traveling, live music and camping as much as possible.  We have a  Shiba Inu pup named Lucy and she’s our lovely little brat.

I originally went to school for fine arts.  I knew I wanted to work with my hands and create so I went to beauty school.  I fell in love with using hair as a medium.  I love doing creative and fashion colors as well as cutting wavy and curly hair. Hair painting is super fun and I have a passion for updos and formal styling.

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Alexis Jaworowski


After growing up in the Lehigh Valley, I moved to NYC in 2004. In 2008, I graduated from the Aveda Institute in Soho. While living in Brooklyn, I worked at a Nolita salon until 2016, when my partner & I relocated to the Lehigh Valley. Since moving back, I’ve continued to see clients in NYC on a monthly basis. 

In the salon my passion is creating natural, wearable cuts & color. I love employing multiple highlight techniques to create customized results for my clients, always preferring to enhance and blend rather than use a full coverage approach. I love cutting long layers, shags, long bangs, lobs and bobs!  Vivids are not my specialty (we have other ladies on our team that are ACE at rainbow hair!), but I do love creating a powdery pastel on baby blonde highlights for a perfect fade! After working in NYC for over a decade, I came to appreciate the idea of manageable, wash & go hair… low maintenance, practical, yet able to be dressed up or down. We’re busier humans than ever, and I want your hair to look awesome even if you can’t get in to see me for 12 weeks!

Outside of the salon, some of my favorite things to do in the Valley are eating soft serve frozen yogurt at King Kone, pancakes at Roasted, ramen at Mr. Lee’s and the lunch special at Biryani City. My partner and I are converting an old church-turned-photo studio into our dream home, so finding inspiration and doing home renovations is a big part of my life. When I need to relax, I love hanging with my family (especially my nephews), binge watching television shows, long walks and getting tattooed (which puts me in, legit, the most zen, meditative state).

I would love to see you for a consultation and hopefully as a client. 

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Brittany Boyle


Hey there! I’m Brittany. I embarked on this journey in 2011 and I’ve been growing as a stylist ever since. It’s such a great feeling being able to make someone feel better about themselves and watch them regain their confidence right in front of my eyes.

I thrive on enhancing the natural canvas by doing balayage/hair painting techniques that radiate a natural glow while adding dimension. I love when I’m able to emphasize texture in my haircuts to achieve the “messy” and undone looks that look so effortless- I’m all about low maintenance. Give me a bottle of texture spray and I’m happy.

Growth is a priority for me and I love to continue my education through Salt Society’s platform. When I’m not behind the chair, my boyfriend and I are doing everything we possibly can to get out, travel and embrace nature. I love practicing interior decorating, binging HGTV and adding to my plant family – which I should probably stop doing. 

I get so excited having someone new in my chair! So if you’d like, we can get you set up with an appointment and we can work together to accomplish some hair magic. 

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Allison Johnson (she/her)


Finally realizing I wanted to make the fun I had doing hair a reality, I studied Cosmetology at The Paul Mitchell School and was licensed in 2008. Since then, I worked, managed and owned a salon until I found my home at The Owl Cove. 

I get asked frequently what my favorite thing to do with hair is. My answer is always, “Everything.” I have an all around passion for my craft and enjoy cutting everything from pixies to long hair in a range of tones from lived-in natural color to more vivid looks. I love the challenge of correcting color and creating the perfect blonde for each one of my guests. If I had to pinpoint one favorite thing it would be creating a relationship with my guests: helping them to generate an individual hair plan, keeping their hair health, ideal look, budget and time in mind. I love offering them new looks and ways to change it up while still keeping within their personal journey. 

As well as coloring and cutting hair, I am certified in both keratin treatments and extensions.

Working in the industry for years, I find continuing education extremely important, as trends and techniques change. Experienced in many color and styling lines, I’ve continued my education by attending several classes both inside and outside the salon. I love being able to work these new techniques and ideas into my repertoire.

I’m married with children and enjoy true crime, board games, puzzles, music and other forms of art. A lover of dogs, I enjoy snuggling with my great dane, Eddie, when he’s not destroying remotes. 

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Sheila Vassa


Hello! I’m Sheila. I grew up in the Lehigh Valley and raised my family here as well. I started my career in hairstyling 30 years ago and continue to get excited to make my clients look and feel amazing.

Outside of the salon, spending time with my family and working on health and wellness is where you will find me.

Looking forward to meeting you!

Steven Nazario


Hi I’m Steven, also known as Sven!

Once crowned Ms Stonewall 2011 (Allentown); the art of drag, inspired my career in the beauty industry. Working with local visionaries in the Lehigh Valley, I live my passion as a performer & beauty professional.

I hope to meet and work with clientele who aren’t afraid to be themselves, whether that means maintaining your signature style or looking for a new one all-together.  I want to work with you to meet your chosen aesthetics.

I am a principle-based hair designer who specializes in all things curly hair, including lightening, color, health and texture rehabilitation. I’ve had extensive training in balayage, custom fantasy vivids, as well as color corrections.

I’m also an Award Winning Hair and Makeup Artist, with experience in stage, screen and multimedia productions.  I love to bring current makeup trends to my clients and love wedding makeup as well as prosthetic/special fx makeup.

I also offer wigs services such as wig wash/set/style, lace front customizations, and wig repair; available by appointment.

I am a community-oriented individual with a flair for helping people realize their style. Looking forward to working with you!

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Alyssa Oswald


Heyyy, my name is Alyssa and I’m so excited to meet you! I graduated from Metro Beauty Academy in June 2021. While I am fairly new in the industry, I am extremely passionate and driven towards my goals and what I do. My specialties include custom creative colors/vivids, hair cutting, hand painted balayage/various highlighting techniques, low maintenance/lived in color, and hair styling. I want to make you feel as beautiful as you already are the moment I turn you around in my chair. Once I see those eyes light up and that smile, it makes it all worth it. I just know then that I chose the right path in my life. 

   I work with all types of hair, which is something I really strive to keep in my arsenal. I love educating about hair care at home. So you can look and feel as fabulous every day rather than just when you leave the salon; all while keeping your hair at its healthiest state.

   A little bit more about myself and why I was guided to this career: it all starts with my love of art. Ever since I was able to pick up a crayon, that’s how I learned to express myself. I’ve taken plenty of art classes throughout my school life including drawing, painting, photography, and more. So you can say I know the color wheel pretty well! I also took a semester at LCCC for graphic design. However, I eventually discovered where I wanted to apply my skills and where they would flourish. I landed myself into the world of hair and makeup thanks to YouTube and TikTok. I then enrolled myself into beauty school, and the rest is history. I found my new love; hair.

    Other interests of mine include music, cooking, traveling, video games, anime, tv shows/movies, crystals, and recently plants. 

    Trust that I will uphold 100% transparency with every single client, that I put my all into every single service I do, and that you will be glowing when you leave our little cove. There’s nothing that’s gonna stop me from continuing to educate myself as trends change everyday in this industry. My passion towards my work grows stronger every day. Welcome to my chair! 

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